This course offers supplemental material for NCK Tech's face to face Information Technology Program.

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TNT-260 Unified Communications Systems

This course introduces the student to the principal elements and theory of the latest digital telecommunications networking systems (Voice over IP). Topics include system network overview, subscriber lines, network testing and measurement, voice security, QoS, network transmission techniques, and signaling protocols such as SIP, H.323, SS7, and MGCP.

Teacher: Jason Rinaldo

TNT-130 Telecommunication Cabling

This course introduces the student to the theory and practical application of copper cabling and fiber optics for telecommunication systems. During the course, students will learn how to install, maintain, test and modify communications cabling. Topics include transmission theory, structured cabling standards, cable and connector types, installation methods, and grounding/shielding techniques.

Teacher: Jason Rinaldo

ACIT 101 - Operating Systems

This course introduces the students to the features and maintenance of Windows. Topics include operating systems fundamentals, installation, configuration and upgrading, and diagnosing and troubleshooting. Networking capabilities will also be discussed.

Teacher: Jason Rinaldo

ACIT-105-Help Desk

This class will allow students to answer computer questions using the telephone, e-mail or direct messaging. Customer service skills including technical writing, listening and communications skills, handling difficult customer’s situations and solving and preventing problems will be discussed.

Teacher: Ashley Wiles

ACIT-211-Network Servers

This course introduces the basic fundamental skills necessary to effectively manage, monitor, and maintain a Microsoft network including installation of Windows Server, configuration of Active Directory, management of user accounts, file shares, group policies, and network printing. It will also introduce different email services and web services which could be Windows based or open source. Pre-requisite: TNT-140, TNT-230

Teacher: Jason Rinaldo